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The Process

Building a custom home is a massive undertaking. Starting it off right with us is the first step in the right direction. Engaging Innova Homes from the very start will allow everyone involved in the process more clarity. Maybe you have existing plans that you want us to build, or maybe you only have a sketch. Either way we would be pleased to meet. We would begin with a meeting and an initial engagement contract that would allow Innova Homes to begin the planning process. We would move from concept to finished plans but only once the Architect, Engineers, Interior Designer and you, the client, have finalized everything can we begin to quote and prepare a detailed budget. Through this phase transparency is key. By the time we are done everyone involved will have a clear vision of the build, it’s costs and timeline.

Innova Homes pre-construction process is a proactive approach; addressing key elements that prepare plans and specifications that reflect your ddream for your new home. The benefits of spending time in a quality pre-construction process are realized with less confusion during construction, better plans and specifications, value engineering, budget management and cost control.

Our Building Process

Interior Designer During this stage Innova Homes will manage: Architect
  Pre-construction Managers  
Transparent Building Drawings Budget
Cost plus building additional work authorizations


Architect   Site Supervisor
  During this stage Innova Homes will manage:  
Interior Designer   Clients & Expectations
  Communication is key in any scale of construction. Through the utilization of our Job Shack Portal & reduced meetings we can create a smooth building process.  
  During this stage Innova Homes will manage:  
2 year mechanical warranties & 10 year envelope warranties   Service / Warranty Work   1 month, 6 month, & 1 year walk-throughs
  We know your home better than anyone else and our team will provide excellent customer service!